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IB Diploma Results 2019: Malaysian International Schools

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Who had the most number of IB students? Which school had the most impressive pass rate? Who wowed us all with the top average score?

Keep reading to find out!

IB Diploma: A Quick Overview

The IB Diploma is a highly demanding qualification. It is completed in the final two years of Secondary school (Years 12&13/Grades 11&12) and is recognised by universities all over the world as equivalent to the British A Levels, the Australian HSC and many other international university-entrance qualifications.

Students must take 6 subjects across a broad range of subject areas and complete 3 compulsory components in order to be eligible for the IB Diploma.

IB Diploma Scoring

The overall Diploma is scored out of 45.

3 points are awarded for completing compulsory components of the IB Diploma Programme:

The remaining 42 points?

These come from the grades awarded for 6 subjects, each scored out of 7 - with 7 being the highest possible grade that can be awarded, and 1 the lowest.

It's worth bearing in mind that students have to choose these 6 subjects from a broad range (unlike in the A Levels, when students can specialise and focus on their strengths). IB Diploma students therefore need to be real academic 'all rounders'.

A minimum score of 24/45 is required to officially pass the IB Diploma. You can read more about how the diploma is scored here.

Top universities around the world tend to look for overall scores 38 or higher. Want to learn more about what IB Diploma scores universities expect? Check out this interesting article.

Overall Malaysian International School Achievements

  • Largest Graduating Cohort: ISKL (Over 100 students)

  • Best Pass Rate: IGBIS, Sri KDU, Nexus & Fairview (all with an impressive 100% pass rate)

  • Highest Average Score: St Joseph's (with an average Diploma score of 37/45; the global average for 2019 was 29.8/45)

  • Highest Percentage of Students with 40+ Points: IGBIS (a whopping 35% of their cohort achieved this!)

Now for the individual school results (in no particular order)!

International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)

  • 110 Candidates

  • 92% Pass rate

  • Average score of 35.3 points

  • 22% of students scored 40 points or higher.

Read more here.

ISKL IB Diploma Results 2019

Marlborough College Malaysia

  • 68 candidates

  • 97% Pass Rate

  • Average score of 35.4 points

  • 24% of students scored 40 points or higher.

Read more here.

Nexus International School Malaysia

  • 37 Candidates

  • 100% Pass Rate

  • Average score of 34.6 points

  • 23% of students scored 40 points or higher.

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Nexus Malaysia IB Diploma Results 2019

Nexus Malaysia IB Diploma Top Scorers 2019

Sri KDU International School

  • 24 Candidates

  • 100% pass rate

  • Average score of 36.5.

  • Nearly 14% of students scored 40 points or higher.

Read more here.

Sri KDU Intternational Top Achievers IB Diploma 2019

IGB International School

  • Around 25 Candidates

  • 100% pass rate

  • 35% of students scored 40 points or higher.

Not yet shared:

  • Average score

Read more here.

St Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia (SJIIM)

  • Average score of 37 points

  • 30% of students scored 40 points or higher.

Not yet shared:

  • Number of candidates

  • Pass Rate

Read more here.

Mont' Kiara International School (MKIS)

  • 34 candidates

  • 94% Pass rate

  • Average score of 35 points

  • 12% of students scored 40 points or higher.

Read more here.

Fairview International School (KL Campus)

  • Average score of 34.4 points

  • 100% Pass Rate

  • 15% of students obtained 40 points and above

Not yet shared:

  • Number of candidates

But wait, that's not all....

We are still waiting for published results from:

....and will update this post when their results are published!

A huge congratulations to every school in Malaysia that offers the IB Diploma and every child who completed it in 2019! It is a broad, rigorous and demanding qualification that requires a tremendous amount of commitment and hard work from both students and teachers alike. Bravo!

Have we missed a school out? Made an error?

Do any of these results need updating?

Please let us know!